The objective of loss prevention is to protect the well being of employees and to avoid the various costs associated with work related injuries. We approach workplace safety from both of these perspectives to enhance prevention efforts and to help minimize our clients' costs.

Our approach to loss prevention involves an appropriate combination of a variety of cooperative strategies:

A disproportionate number of work injuries occur during the first 60 days of employment. We believe that an effective work safety program needs to be understood by even the newest employee from the onset of training. We view safety as a positive, empowering aspect of the job. A strong focus on safety leads to a positive work envirnoment, higher productivity, and less employee turnover: all of which contribute to a healthier bottom line for our clients.

The following is a small excerpt from a typical safety policy form. We believe that safety policies should be clear and concise, ideally limited to a single page when possible, in order to make them easier to train, implememt, and enforce.


You are an important member of our team. Your personal safety, along with that of your co-workers and our clients, is fundamentally important. These policies have been implemented to assure that our working environment is as safe as possible. Please read each of the safety rules below in detail. Feel free to ask about anything you do not understand or that concerns you. 

General Injury Prevention: Most injuries can be avoided by exercise of good judgment and common sense. Be aware of the conditions around you. Always think about what you are doing in terms of a potential injury that could occur to you or others. Take responsibility for your personal safety and that of the people around you. Immediately report any unsafe conditions or unsafe behaviors that you observe to your supervisor.

Immediate treatment and reporting of injuries: If you are injured at work, our first priority is providing you with immediate and appropriate first aid and/or medical treatment. You must report any injury immediately to your supervisor. When required, initial medical treatment of work injuries will be administered at__________________. You will not be punished because you have an injury.