Premium Recovery Program

The workers' compensation premium calculation can be complicated, especially the experience rating (mod) and ARAP (all risk adjustment program). There are often mistakes that go undetected, costing the policyholder thousands of dollars in additional premium.

What can be done about this? We work behind the scenes to uncover mistakes and reduce past and current experience ratings. This often results in thousands of dollars in return premium for our clients.

In about 40 - 50% of the cases, our clients have been overcharged. Through meticulous and focused process, we establish the basis for recovery and negotiate with the insurance carrier. The credit or refund goes to your company, after which we bill our fee.

Doesn't the insurance company already audit our policy? Yes. However, the purpose of that audit is to substantiate the maximum allowable premium for the insurance company.

How far can we go back? The experience rating and ARAP can be revised for the current and past two policy years. We apply directly to the rating bureau for the revision.

Doesn't my insurance broker already review the policy? Yes, and they do find some errors. But many brokers admit that their book of business is too large and varied to conduct this type of detailed review. Your broker performs a valuable service in providing the right insurance for your company. We pick up where the broker leaves off, reviewing the policy and reducing your company's workers' compensation expense to the lowest possible amount.

How much of my time will this take? There is little or no staff time on your company's part. We do the "paper chase." All we need is two signatures giving us authority to work on your behalf.

How much does this service cost? We work on a contingent fee basis. Our fee is tied directly to results. We receive a percentage of the amount recovered - after you receive the refund check.

How long will this process take? We usually know within 45 days if a recovery is indicated. We provide a status report and the refund usually takes about 2 to 3 more months.

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