Since 1991, we have been committed to professional excellence in providing practical, cost saving insurance services.  We take the time to learn our clients’ goals and objectives and apply our specialized industry knowledge to meet their specific needs. 

Workers' compensation insurance is our specialty.

Qualified Loss Management Program: A guaranteed 15% credit on the existing workers' compensation policy is available to our clients in the Massachusetts Assigned Risk Pool, keeping their existing broker and policy. Click QLMP to learn more.

Premium Recovery Program: Have you been overcharged for past workers' compensation policies resulting in a refund due from the carrier? We will check on this and get your money back. Click Premium Recovery to learn more.

Audit Assistance: Do you have a dispute with your insurance carrier regarding an audit premium they say you owe? Our expertise helps resolve these issues to your company’s advantage.

Claims management and review: From initial injury assessment and reporting through complex, litigated claims, we assist our clients in all aspects of managing workers' compensation claims to achieve the optimal outcome. Click on Claims Management to see the details.

Loss Prevention: The long term cost of workers' compensation insurance is best controlled through effective management and employee commitment to a safe work environment and safe behaviors. We encourage each individual in the company to take responsibility for their personal safety.  Click on Loss Prevention to discover how our advisory services will help your company.

Why is it beneficial to have an insurance advisor in addition to your broker? Please check our Advantages link.

We value our clients and feel we do a great job for them. Please join our growing list of satisfied customers.